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Welcome to the new search engine for hemp shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The product hemp is a wonderful gift of nature with a wide range of possible uses. You can find the entire spectrum of the hemp plant - from CBD to hemp clothing - in the shops on hanfplatz.de.

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As the operator of hanfplatz.de and hanfplatz.at, the plant hemp is a real concern for us. We show the whole world of the hemp plant - from the ingredients and their effects to the products made from hemp fiber, hemp seeds and hemp flowers. Whether teas, clothing, ropes or oils - find the world made of hemp at hempplatz.

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At hanfplatz.de the focus is on suppliers of hemp products. In addition to classic stationary shops, we also show online shops for hemp products, CBD dealers, grow shops, garden centers and providers of workshops and courses on the topic of hemp.

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